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Staked Areas

White stakes
Red stakes
Yellow stakes White w/Black top


Ground Under Repair (GUR) Lateral Water Hazard Water Hazard
Out of Bounds (OOB)


The Following areas to be treated as GUR:
- Animal Damage (ie. Birds, Rabbits)
- Motor Vehicle Damage (ie. Cars, Carts, Mowers or Tractors) - Earthworks (ie. Cart Paths, PipeTrenches, Roped Off Areas

Embeded Stones or Gravel, Cleared land between holes 9,

10, 11, 14, 15)
- Trees and Shrubs less than two club lengths in height (this DOES NOT include

tree stumps and roots.)
- Immovable Obstructions (See Rule 24.2) (ie. Sprinkler heads, Sign Boards)

Relief may be taken by dropping a ball in drop zone provided. If drop zone is not provided, drop the ball at nearest point of relief no closer to the hole. No Penalty.

Stones in Bunkers are movable Obstructions (See Rule 24.1)


The creek behind the 2nd green, in front of the men’s 16th tee and the men’s and ladies 17th tee is the only water hazard on the course.

The creek between the bridges linking the 2nd green to the 3rd tee and the 8th fairway and 15th tee is the only lateral water hazard on the course.

In addition to land beyond the courses perimeter fences, the creek and pine forest between Fussell Street and the bridge joining the 8th fairway and 15th tee is OOB.


To save time the Match Committee encourage players to play a provisional ball if they suspect their ball has finished in the lateral / water hazard or OOB.

If the original ball is found in the lateral / water hazard the player may play the original ball as it lies or continue with the provisional.

If the player decides to play the original ball they may not continue with the provisional ball struck (see rule 26-1).

If the original ball is lost or OOB the player
must continue with the provisional ball. If a provisional ball was not played the player must replay the stroke from where it was originally struck. Penalty One Stroke.


In an attempt to protect bordering houses the following rule applies.
If a ball crosses the line of white stakes on the right side of the 6th fairway, it must

be dropped within one club length of the line on the 6th fairway side, No Penalty. However if the ball is not found or enters the section of creek marked OOB it must

be replayed from where it was struck. Penalty One Stroke.


The road behind the 9th green is to be treated as GUR. Relief may be taken by dropping the ball at the nearest point, no nearer to the hole or in the drop zone, No penalty.

Relief MAY NOT be taken if stance or swing is impeded by the School fence.

The School playground, tennis court and football oval are OOB. The boundary
is marked with OOB stakes. A ball that finishes OOB must be replayed.
Penalty one stroke.
If a player suspects their ball is OOB the matchcommittee encourages the play of a provisional ball to save time.


If the fence between 16th green & 17th tee interferes with a players stance or swing it is an immovable obstruction. Rule 28-2 applies.

However if the fence interferes with a players line of play (not line of sight) relief may be taken by dropping your ball in the drop zone. No Penalty.



A ball finishing in the car park, bowling green and surrounding garden within the drop zone provided. No Penalty.


Devices that provide distance measurements only are permitted. Devices that provide other information such as wind speed and direction are not permitted.


The use of motorised carts is permitted. However, drivers must follow direction signs, use paths provided and remain 15 meters from greens at all times.

Anti Social behavior will not be tolerated. Individuals that do not adhere to the club rules will be asked to leave. 

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which work and live and pay our respects to all Elders past, present and emerging

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